Information Working seminar in Lithuania 24-25.01.2022

On 24 and 25 April 2022, the Informational meeting of our project Development of social dialogue procedures and cooperation in the law enforcement services in the Republic of Lithuania took place online

Lithuanian participants and the experts participated in this meeting, along with interpreters who facilitated the correct communication between all participants.

The meeting began with the presentation and welcome by the leader: Lietuvos teisėsaugos pareigūnų federacija.
During the first day, the first expert did presentations about history of social dialogue, types of collective agreements, national collective agreement on basic size, collective agreement in the penitentiary system, guidelines for the reform of the department of prisons and the last part was proposals of the social partners for structural changes in the department of prisons.
The first day ended with a debate and the main conclusions of the day presentation of social dialogue manual

During the second day, the second expert did a presentation of social dialogue manual.
The meeting continued with recommendations, purpose and intentions for police and prison services about the social dialogue manual
In the end, was a debate about the main conclusions and summary of the seminar